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3 Ways to Make Your Furnace Run More Quietly

As your furnace turns on and prepares to warm up your residence, it’s normal for it to create some noise. These sounds, like the burners igniting and the blower operating, are all part of the typical start-up steps.

But there are a couple of approaches you can do to make your furnace run more quietly this winter.

1. Schedule Annual Furnace Maintenance

Furnace maintenance is highly important, as it keeps your manufacturer warranty in place. This helps defend you if something big goes wrong with your furnace during your warranty range.

It can also help our pros uncover minor problems that can make your furnace noisy. And possibly help you avoid a breakdown on the chilliest day of the year. The Indoor Air Quality Association reports that annual maintenance can reduce your chance of furnace repairs by up to 95%.

If minor furnace troubles keep on being unnoticed, they can lead to an issue later on. By discovering these problems in advance, our technicians can get your furnace repaired before heating season is in full swing.

And, most essential, specialized cleaning and lubrication of your furnace’s moving parts can help make it more efficient. A correctly maintained furnace could save up to 30% on your gas expenses, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

2. Regularly Put in a New Furnace’s Air Filter

Your air filter helps keep your residence’s air fresh and clean. When it gets too dirty, it can make your furnace turn on and off too often. Referred to as short cycling, this can cause your furnace to eat up extra gas and make it wear out faster.

Our advice for replacing your furnace filter:

  • Flat filter: Once a month
  • Pleated filter: Every three months

You could have to change your filter more regularly if you have allergies or pets.

3. Contact Carefree Heating and Cooling, LLC When Your Furnace is Producing Odd Noises

Some furnaces, often older ones, could make more noise than others. But if you’re noticing extremely loud or strange noises, you should call a heating and cooling company like Carefree Heating and Cooling, LLC for furnace repair in Hamilton.

Here are a few noises to be looking for, how to solve them and when to contact a pro.

Furnace Making Gurgling or Bubbling Noise

This noise happens more frequently with high-efficiency furnaces. That’s due to the fact they discharge fumes dissimilarly older furnaces, and the process can produce some moisture. If your furnace is running into difficulties removing this water, it could make gurgling or bubbling sounds. You’ll require pro help for this trouble, since it can be created by a blocked drain pipe or clogged drain pan.

Furnace Making Banging Noise

It’s not a positive indicator when your furnace is making a banging sound. It might mean several things.

Haven’t requested maintenance lately and your furnace is making a banging sound when beginning? Its burners might be dirty. Dirty burners can delay ignition, which results in gas accumulating within your furnace.

All that increased gas can create a banging or booming sound when your furnace finally does ignite. But this is more than just an annoying noise, because the increased gas is exploding in your furnace. This can crack your furnace’s heat exchanger and cause a deadly carbon monoxide leak.

If you’ve forgotten yearly service for your furnace and you’re noticing this noise, give Carefree Heating and Cooling, LLC a shout at 513-268-5164. Our heating specialists will get your furnace tuned up and ensure it’s working accurately.

Your ductwork can also make banging sounds when your furnace starts, as the metal is expanding and contracting.

We advise first inspecting your furnace’s air filter and installing a new one if it’s dirty. Next, make sure you don’t have too many vents shut in your home, as it can make air pressure uneven.

If neither of these methods repair the issue, your ductwork might be dirty or undersized, which will require assistance from a professional HVAC specialist.

Furnace Making Humming or Buzzing Noise

If your furnace is buzzing or humming, it’s a symptom there’s an electrical issue. This is most frequently seen with a dying blower fan motor, which will create an irritating buzzing noise when your furnace turns on. It might also mean there’s trouble with the capacitor or transformer. All three of these troubles call for support from a skilled heating and cooling company like Carefree Heating and Cooling, LLC.

Furnace Making Knocking Noise

If your furnace is making knocking sounds, it’s often a sign that an internal part is going out. This may be anything from a bearing to a belt or the gas valve. It can also be a sign that your burners need to be cleaned.

These issues are often caught during yearly maintenance done by a certified HVAC professional. So, while we’re at your residence doing repairs, don’t forget to ask us about booking your maintenance appointment for next year.

Furnace Making Clicking Noise

A clicking sound may mean a couple of problems: worn bearings, gas valve problems or ignition issues. All these issues call for skilled support.

At Carefree Heating and Cooling, LLC, our experts are here to help you relax in peaceful, energy-efficient comfort. If your furnace is louder than normal or creating odd sounds, contact us at 513-268-5164 to book an appointment today.

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